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The NCQSI is a non-profit corporation that promotes and perpetuates the art of quilting through regularly sponsored symposia within the state of North Carolina and by sponsoring other projects designed to preserve, continue, and advance this art form.

The NCQSI is not a member organization. Its work is performed on a volunteer basis by a board of 21 directors, elected from across the state. NCQSI was originally organized to ensure that a quilt symposium would be held annually; since then, NCQSI activities have expanded to include a variety of projects to encourage quilting in North Carolina.

2014 North Carolina Quilt Symposium
"Stitchin' in the Waves"

Hosted by Quilters by the Sea and the NCQSI Board
May 29 - June 1, 2014 at the University of NC at Wilmington, NC

Registration and class info located at the following address:

2014 NC Quilt Symposium - Stitchin in the Waves

We are asking interested parties to apply to become a director on the North Carolina Quilt Symposium board (NCQSI). Help us guide the future of symposia. We need board members who have a genuine desire to promote, perpetuate and preserve the art of quilting in North Carolina. Additional requirements include: must be resident of North Carolina and attend the fall, spring, and Symposium meetings each year. The term of office is 3 years immediately following Symposium. We are most interested in having members of the modern quilt movement. You can find a Board Application here.

Changes to this website regarding updated information will take place at the end of July and the end of January.

North Carolina Quilt Symposium, Inc.
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